Tips for Riding in a Group

Tips For Riding in a Group

  • Do Not run red lights;  If half the group makes the light, the front group should slow and wait for the second half to catch back up after the light turns green;
  • Never cross the centerline of the road especially on an uphill;
  • Watch for erratic riders and stay away from them and;
  • Tell erratic riders how to properly ride and tell the ride leader if they continue to be a danger;
  • Be courteous to cars/drivers and get into single file anytime a car is coming from behind;
  • Keep your eyes on the road in front of you and not just the rider in front of you;
  • Don’t ride more than two abreast;
  • Do not overlap the wheel of another rider;
  • Do not “half wheel”/ ride with your handlebars ahead of the rider next to you;
  • Do not make sudden, unexpected movements;
  • Leave some space behind the wheel in front of you when climbing in case a rider stands;
  • Try to maintain the same speed when you get to the front-don’t speed up;
  • Try to avoid braking and don’t slam brakes when people are riding close behind you;
  • Try to close “gaps” if a spot in the group opens up, close it by riding up to the closest rider;
  • Signal hazards in the road to other riders and make others aware if you are pulling off etc.
  • If you are in the lead on a downhill remember that those behind you can easily travel fast in a downhill group;
  • When done taking your turn at the front, pull off in a slow, predictable manner;
  • Don’t make people pass you from behind, go to the back if tired;
  • Do not wait until the last second to avoid an obstacle in the road because the person behind you will probably not react in time and hit it;
  • Be especially careful descending and cornering at high speeds;
  • Try to ride as a true group where each person takes a turn at the front.  Large rides that surge and slow every few minutes are unsafe and not fun.

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