About Us

Capital Brewery Bike Club Video 2012

We have a variety of members, from soft pedalers to hard racers, representing every level of fitness and ability. Some of us go for training, companionship, or a good-natured race. Some of us ride just to get out of the house. And others of us ride for a well-deserved beer after the ride. Regardless of the reason, all rides are fun!

There are three rides to choose from every Tuesday and Thursday: the SAMPLER [a ride on the bike path]; the SHORTY SOCIAL [10-15 mile road ride] and the LONGNECK [20-25 mile road ride].

All rides begin and end at Capital Brewery, with different routes each time we ride. We will publish a schedule of the rides for each night so that you can plan and print the route maps and queue sheets in advance.

We welcome riders of all skill levels and experiences!

To join the club, click here.